How do I know which is my stronger shoulder? Why do I need to know this?

The «stronger shoulder» is a pedagogical concept used to give the wrapper instructions when he first tries wrapping, all the while preserving the habits and reflexes he / she already developed when caring for Baby.

During our workshops, we ask parents to hold a weighed doll – spontaneously, without any further instructions. The shoulder on which they instinctively put Baby is the one we’ll consider the «stronger» shoulder.

We noticed that it’s easier to start wrapping this way.


Allaitement en Berceau Assis en écharpe de portage JPMBB


When using carries that begin from Pre-Tied Advanced PWCC (Vertical / Seated Cradle or Front positions), the upper strap is on the stronger shoulder, so we begin with putting Baby on this shoulder and then we put him in the lower strap that’s on the opposite side. The wrapper will find that it’s easier and will be more confident trying these new moves.

This whole stronger shoulder concept is important for wrapping a newborn in Pre-Tied Advanced PWCC.

When using Hip Carries, people tend to get mixed up and think the stronger shoulder is on the side of the hip that Baby sits on, but that’s not necessarily true. So attention must be paid to the hip we want the Baby to sit on, not only to the stronger shoulder. In this case, if using One-Shoulder Hip Carry (front PWCC), you may need to switch the side of the superior strap.